Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tracy's Tempting Us!

Hi again! Just got a great message from Tracy and she is officially teasing us about what she has made for the swap... This is a picture of her swap gift BUT it has been re-colored and 'morphed' so that we are left to guess what it could be. Hmmmm.... You can check out her take on this tempting hint at her blog.
www.magiclanternmusings.blogspot.com Thanks for keeping it fun Tracy! Now I really can't wait to see what you sent! ;)

Thank you Darlene!!

After a long weekend at my sister's wedding (which was wonderful but VERY action packed) I checked my mailbox on Monday AM to be greeted by a package from Darlene. The pictures tell the tale but I think that everyone in Darlene's group will be very excited to receive her thoughtfully packaged goodies. Fantastic job Darlene!

Please keep the packages coming in as we have a little more than a month before the gifts are due to me on October 31st. (SCARY!!)

Thanks and best wishes,


Friday, September 7, 2007

Yooper Wins!!

Congratulations to Yooper who is in Group 2 . She was the first one to get her gifts to me! Hooray and great job! For being the first,your prize is.... Relaxing until your Group gifts arrive!! I am a huge winner because I finally get some visuals for the blog! Gotta say, her gifts look great and folks in Group 2 should be very excited to see what's inside the lovely wrapping. Thank you Yooper!!