Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sheri and Stefania's Gifts Have Arrived...

I was so happy to see that my overseas friends had come through yesterday with the delivery of their gifts! Thank you Sheri and Stefania... Most folks e-mail me to give me a heads up that their package is coming but I always hold my breath a little more when they are coming from overseas. Happy they are here! Check back again soon to see the contents! ;)
Best Wishes, Holly :)


stefania said...

Dear Holly,
I'm so happy that everything has arrived safe and sound to you!!! let me say thank you for hosting such a beautiful swap!!
a super hug to you :-)

Wagon Mom said...

Yeah! I'm so excited to see everything!!! I can't wait..seriously. ha.

vivian said...

HI! I mailed mine at least a week or more ago.. just wondered if you recieved them yet?

Holly said...

I got them Vivian! They will be in the next batch of photos that I hope to have posted today.
Holly :)