Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Swap Update!

Hi to all and Happy Almost Thanksgiving! I have some really great news for all of our Artful Christmas Swap groups. The latest status report is that all the gifts that I was expecting have been received and accounted for!! That is huge because now I can truly start the swapping process for all the groups... Specifically Group 3. Group 2 already has been notified about shipping and many folks have gotten back to me with postage payments and some of Group 2's packages are already in the mail. Very exciting!

Group 1 has an angel in their midst... If you are a member of Group 1 you will be very pleased to know that a member of your group has generously paid for the entire group's shipping costs and most of your packages are already in the mail. That person has decided to remain anonymous and just take happiness in knowing that they have done something really nice for others... Might I say VERY NICE because the bill for the whole group's postage was not cheap. So a special MERRY CHRISTMAS to the members of Group 1... And to the rest of us too! Might I suggest that the members of Group 1 'pay it forward' and try to find something extra special to do this holiday season that will help someone out. Just a thought but it would be a nice tribute to your 'Postal Angel'.

Group 3 can expect to hear from me early next week about shipping costs to get your wonderful gifts back to you. So sorry about the delay but we were waiting for just a couple more gifts to trickle in. I wanted to give everyone a fair chance so the fault truly lies with me if you are a little upset with the wait. Rest assured I believe that even people over seas will get their gifts long before Dec 14th... The key is once I send you a shipping cost, get your payment in as quick as possible. Paypal is the quickest so especially if you are far from the USA it may be worth it to open an account if you don't already have one. Waiting for a check through 'snail mail' would take longer but the choice is up to individuals.

One other tidbit for Groups 1 and 2... We had a couple of hiccups with players late in the game for these groups and long story short, you will all (Groups 1 and 2) be getting two gifts from me. Rather than have it be 11 days of Christmas I just decided to step up and do 2 days... Don't worry, I didn't totally knock myself out. Day 9 was easy and a nice back up gift that I had thought you all would enjoy and appreciate. Hopefully you all will! As a result Groups 1 and 2 both will get back 2 of YOUR OWN gifts. Call it a little bonus. :)

Thanks for everything and I will be in touch! Let me know when you get you packages... hvlajinac@yahoo.com

Best Wishes, Holly :)


The Rose Room said...

Blessings to the Angel of Group 1. Holly you are a wonder doing this swap. Heartfelt thanks to you:)

Jamie V said...

wow - what a truly thoughtful and lovely thing to do - thanks to the anonymous angel! I am so looking forward to seeing all the gifts! You can bet I will be 'paying it forward' ... Jamie in Montana

vivian said...

HI Holly,
I cant wait to see what's in our packages! thank you so much for hosting this swap. I know it is a big job to keep up with everything. I'm glad everything came together at the end here. thanks again Holly!

Wagon Mom said...

Many blessings to my angel! :D

I'm opening my box as I type this. :)
I can't wait to see all the different wrapping. lol I'm going to open one a day! :)

Sheri said...

holly thank you so much for hosting this swap! its been so fun!

Norma said...

Wow~ Group 1 Angel: "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!" I went on the blog to find your email Holly and let you know that I hadn't paid you for my postage so how come I had received my package and what a nice surprise~ I will pay it forward somehow and with much gratitude that someone thought of me too. Holly what a lovely packing job you did. So much care went into it. That was just as exciting. Thank you!!!

vivian said...

HI Holly, I got my swap package this weekend!! Now just to have some self control and keep myself from opening everything!!
thank you for all your hard work!