Monday, December 17, 2007

On the 4th Day of Christmas my art friend gave to me...

Group 1:Norma's Fabric Pin

Group 2: Mimi's 'Sisterhood of Art' Pendant

Group 3: Rachael's 'Noel' Paper Banner


Tracy said...

Well it looks like I don't need to post any pics of the goodies as they're already here :)
Having a great time opening these wonderful gifts. I'm in Group 2 and have already utilised the lovely tags from Yooper and am now wearing the sweet necklace from Mimi. I plan to use the bookmark soon and the partridge is standing proud among one of my Christmas displays :)
Only a few hours until Tuesdays gift,


Angela Hoffmann said...

ooooh I am loving all the gifts..I apologize to every one for not sending my thanks. We had a family emergency with my BIL and had to drive to and from Pittsburgh from MI through that nasty blizzard over the weekend..the past week has been we got good news..the biopsy on his liver came back negative for!

so i promise i will be around more~

AlteredAddict said...

I absolutely love the necklaces that were made for us - I proudly wore mine today and will be making it a permanent part of my daily jewlery. Thanks Theresa in Tennessee

Anonymous said...

The things are so wonderful,I love to open it every morning.


vivian said...

thank you Rachael.. the Noel garland is wonderful.. and I love how you wrapped it! merry christmas!