Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 8th Day of Christmas my art friend gave to me...

Group 1: Jamie's Holiday Microscope Slide Ornament

Group 2: Theresa's Domino Pin and Fun, Fuzzy Yarn

Group 3: Vivian's Twinkle Snowman

PS- Please excuse the format change for the Group number and names! I consider myself pretty technologically advanced but for the life of me I have SO much trouble controlling the layout of these Blogger posts! I set them up one way and they post looking completely different which is why I'm trying something new... If anyone wants to throw me some tips PLEASE feel free!... All the gifts look nice though, don't they?!

1 comment:

The Rose Room said...

Fabulous gifts, can't help with layout, happens to me all the time! Thank you Vivian for the snowman, he is so cute!