Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thanks for everything and have a great 2008!!

Oh my wonderful Artful Christmas Swap participants... I can't believe that the swap is completely over... I have been working on this swap for about 6 months and it has finally come to a close. :(
It's kind of like a chapter in my life has completed and this leaves me feeling a little sad. In the same breath, there is always another page to turn, more art to create and ideas to dream up, so bring on 2008! I look forward to the challenge!! I also look forward to running into you all in cyberspace in the year to come.
To everyone who participated in the swap: Thank you for your ideas, patience and creativity... Oh yeah, and the fantastic gifts! I LOVE being in exchanges like this for the artwork, the inspiration and of course meeting some great people... Which all of you are!
Again, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes,
Holly :)


Anonymous said...

Holly it was great fun! I wish you much happiness in 2008!

Thanks again for all your hard work. The blog was AWSOME!

Yooper Hill

Tracy said...

Hi Holly ! Thank-you for all your work and effort to get the swap off to a fun start and wonderful ending.
If you choose to do this again, I plan on joining again :)

I will keep this as a permanent link on my blog.

All the best Holly and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 woohoo !!

Tracy xo

Sheri said...

hey holly thanx for stopping by and saying your thinking about me.... sorry i havent posted any of my pics of everything yet.... thank you so much for doing this swap! it has been so fun! and awsome! i cant wait to do another one like it next year! thank you for hosting! sheri

Angela Hoffmann said...

Wow!~! where has the past month gone..I apologize for not hanging out much here..okay i have lurked~ Holly thank you so so so much for hostessing this fun and exciting gift exchange. I loved each and every gift...thank you my artists friends!!! I also will be keeping the link on my blog...i hope you do it again next year~

Happy New Year to every one!!
hugs and smooches!