Friday, December 14, 2007

Welcome to the Days You've Been Waiting For...

Ho, Ho, Holly has been wicked busy getting ready for today and displaying everyone's awesome gifts! The big day has arrived and everyone that has made gifts for the Artful Christmas Swap can open Day 1 today!... That is providing that you haven't already torn into all of them! I've decided that I will be posting all of the 3 different groups' gifts at 6pm Eastern USA time so that everyone can take a peek at what other's got in their little packages. Should be tons of fun!

When your gift comes up in the days to come please feel free to comment on how you created your gift, any inspirations you might have had or techniques that you used. That way you not only give an actual physical gift but you also give the gift of passing on your vast knowledge. :)

Thanks again for participating and I'll see you all again at 6pm.

Thanks, best wishes and of course... Merry Christmas!

Holly :)


Liz said...

Oh, Dear, Dear Holly, we `Down Under' have opened Day 1 and 2, unbelievable, so exciting, and the gifts are truly gorgeous.
Thank you so much for organising this swap -such fun!
I have posted a blog, so have a peek!
Special hugs from N.Z.

The Rose Room said...

Dear Holly of the Christmas holly. You are so amazing to have hosted this incredible swap. Mum (Liz) and I are on day 2 of opening as we are a day ahead on the date line. We are in awe of what we have received so far and are both posting daily. Thank you Holly and to all the talented ladies who contributed to this swap. Merry Christmas:)

barbara burkard said...

Thank you sweet HOLLY FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DID in bringing this swap to reality! I let my granddaugher open day one...since it was mine...i kind of knew what was beneath the wrappings!

AlteredAddict said...

I love the partridge he is nested in my Christmas tree where he will have a permanent nest every year to come - Thank You Theresa in Tennesseed

Anonymous said...

Hello Holly,
i never had so much fun to be part of this wonderful christmas swap..Thanks a lot and have a wonderful time..

Greetings from Germany