Thursday, August 23, 2007

Group 3 now FULL!

Howdy all,
Group 3 has been filled and I had to do the dasterdly deed of sending e-mails to people that didn't get in... That was tough to do. If you are checking here for the first time and are not currently in the swap, you can e-mail me to be put on a short wait list... E-mails can be sent to me at
As I told the people that didn't make it in, I wish I could let everyone join but it's important to me to do a great job with this swap and I can't do that if I'm juggling too many players. So thanks for your interest and be happy if you've got a spot.
So that's that! We now have 3 full groups of very talented people and I am VERY excited to move away from the sign up stage and start thinking about what I'm going to make...(hee,hee). It has been unseasonably cold for August in Massachusetts so it really feels like all the fun holidays are about to ramp up. It's amazing how quickly time passes. It's a little lesson to try to appreciate each day no matter what happens.

Here's to today!
Best Wishes, Holly :)

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