Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome to The Artful Christmas Swap!!

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!! My name is Holly and I am so excited to announce that this will be the home base of 'The Artful Christmas Swap'.

Although this blog is currently a little slim on the visuals, keep your eyes peeled for changes. I thought it was more important to have a home base where people could gather to ask questions, get some ideas and see if they were interested in joining the swap.

I personally think the swap has the potential to be great fun and quite memorable!

At this time I would like to give a special thanks to Gillian Allen of Art-E-Zine. Without her wonderful zine and the resources contained there I would still be trying to figure out what an art swap is! Thank you!!

I would also like to thank Lelainia N. Lloyd of the Tattered Edge Website and the swap hostess for the original 12 Days of Christmas Swap. Her swap, although it was complete by the time that I stumbled across it, was what inspired me to take on one of my own. I would highly recommend checking out her work and her Christmas swap blog. It's loaded with great visuals and ideas.

Sooooo.... That's it for this second. Check back frequently for I have plans to address common questions that will come up in regards to 'The Artful Christmas Swap'. Ahhhh, it's like music to my ears... Please join us and don't hesitate to contact me directly...

Best Wishes and of course,

Holly :)

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