Thursday, November 1, 2007

Swap Update

Happy November to all of you! Just wanted to give you all a little update about the swap. Yesterday, I found these two lovely notices in my PO box... This is particularly great because I know that there packages that need to be collected, opened and posted here.
I have spoken with a handful of you and I'm sure for people that had packages in transit, these are probably them. As usual, even if I don't get straight to posting it here, I will contact you shortly after your package has arrived so you can breathe a little sigh of relief.
At this time I will also mention the group statistics to date:
Group 1 Packages: 9
Group 2 Packages: 6
Group 3 Packages: 5
I know these numbers may seem at tad low but I have lots of promises(and a possibly full PO box) from people that gifts are on the way... What can I say? Life gets in the way for all of us sometimes and we need to be flexible whenever possible. There are some people that I have not had ANY contact with and it is those people that I will be e-mailing to find out if they are still participating in the swap.
On the note of flexibility... At some point I am going to have to put on the mean, swap lady hat and close off the due date so that we can get on with figuring out shipping and get these items off to you all.
If anyone has not gotten their gifts in the mail yet, please do ONE: Contact me and then TWO: Get them in the mail ASAP so the swap can carry on and people will know what to expect.
Thank you so much for your support, enthusiasm and kind words. You guys all ROCK and we will be 'wrapping' up this due date business shortly.
Thanks and Best Wishes, Holly :)


Wagon Mom said...

So if everyone doesn't mail in- are you just going to take all the groups and switch them around so we don't get our own projects back? :D

Holly said...

Interesting thought... I think I can wrap my little brain around that and give you an answer... I think not, only because some folks have already asked for a specific 'opening day' number and some have personalized with first names. I love these ideas but they do make it more difficult for the switching around that you are talking about. I also have trouble dealing with abstract concepts like this (little brain thing again!) so I might understand it better once I have all the gifts in front of me, ready to swap into their boxes. I see what you are talking about but am not 100% sure it would or wouldn't work. Thanks for the forward thinking though... I'll keep it in mind! Holly :)