Monday, August 20, 2007

Group 3 will be the final group...

Hi again... After a night of good rest, it has become clear to me that there will be a Group 3 of the Artful Christmas Swap... I guess it's a holiday cheer thing but I was thinking about the 4 other people that didn't make it into Group 2 and it didn't feel right to leave them out in the cold, so to speak. So I guess it's an early gift!

However, Group 3 will be the last group because I do want this to remain fun and festive for all the players involved. After a third group I would be worried that I would loose some of my 'happy hostess' holiday sparkle, shall we say. Ya know... All work and no play will make Holly grumpy! ;)

After the third group I would start a wait list as a just-in-case measure... But I know everyone who has signed up would endure a lot before dropping out but unfortunately things do come up.

So keep tuning in to see who our final 8 players will be and thanks again for your interest!


Wagon Mom said...

Hi. I found the blog after doing an internet search. lol Did you send the link to all of us? Anyway, I'm already plotting and planning what I'm going to make....Hope to hear from you soon.

vivian said...

Did I make it into the third group? please let me know as I am already planning what I can make!