Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Swap Participants! We got some!!

It's starting to come into focus! Gillian posted the 'Artful Christmas Swap' and I'm happy to say that we currently have 10 players. Not bad for 24 hours!! Thanks to everyone who has joined and if you are thinking about joining, the more the merrier. I would be happy to have a couple different groups going on for this swap. It's all about sharing holiday cheer, isn't it?

Is anyone stuck for ideas about what to make or how to wrap? If yes, make sure to check out this archived blog. This was the original 12 Days of Christmas Swap and is a wealth of information and inspiration. Certainly, don't feel like you have to use these ideas but it is fun to look around.

One of my favorite parts of swaps is seeing how people creatively answer the same question. The different responses/artworks are so much fun to see. I am always amazed and how people visually think and what their ideas are... So get a couple of hot chocolate, put on some good Christmas tunes, maybe get out the twinkle lights (although I have some out year round in my house...Some still on the front of my house...) and start thinking about what your fellow artist might want as a Christmas gift.

Thanks for visiting and please contact me if there's anything I can do to help!
Holly :)

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